Cards / Poker

All prices include engraving and include generic trophy centre where applicable.
We can customise the centre with your logo etc.. additional charges will apply.


Shield 13500 135mm


Star 12998 130mm


Cards A897A 15cm


Cards F230 245mm


Card Trophy MH80 17cm


Card Trophy 577 110mm


Xplode Cup 130mm


Wooden Spoon A1448 165mm


Glass Award FBT455 110mm


Glass Award FBT458 130mm


Glass Award FBT459 150mm


Cards Poker W13-4805 145mm


Cards X4165 100mm


Carnival Cup on Marble Base X4010 150mm


Cards R3805 280mm


Cards R3808 175mm


Hollow Star X5078 95mm


Metal Plaque with Cup 9935


Card Poker Hand W15-2605 175mm


Cards S3915 100mm


Cards S3912 193mm


Cards S3920 195mm


World's Greatest Poker Player 280mm


Donkey Award A1644 140mm


Bottom Place Award 22199A 130mm


Cards 10A-CF54G 175mm


Cards T4108 280mm


Cards T4112 130mm


Card X9099 130mm


Carnival Cup X7016 350mm


Gold Shell X7025 125mm


Star Bursts Gold or Silver X7028 175mm


Hollow Cup X7034 95mm


Cup Shape X7035 165mm


Aurora Gold Ribbon X7031 130mm


Spectrum Cup X7037 175mm


Gold Cup Falcon Series X7112 200mm


Gold Stars Laurel Holder Series X7115 195mm


Sunray Cup X7118 170mm


Figurine on Miami Gold Series X7132 300mm


Flame Series A1825A 165mm


Star 12999 130mm


Diamond Series A1807A 185mm


Figurine on Glass Tower X7357 290mm


Generic Fanatics Series 729/GA 120mm


Glass Jade Rectangle W511 160mm


Glass Rectangle W611S 150mm


Glass Jade Star W757S 135mm


Glass Peak W806A 180mm


Glass Black Wreath W879A 165mm


Holy Star Generic 587GA 110mm


Generic Sandwich 597A-G 150mm


Poker / Cards Medal 1073/54G


Cards Rotar Series 11A-CF54G 175mm


Cards Stars Ribbon W17-3208 240mm


Card Poker Hand W17-3205 113mm


Stars Cup RTG568 130mm


Generic RF8112A 125mm


Figurine on Stars GTG517 295mm


General GTG559 190mm


Black Stars Gold or Silver FG306 155mm


Silver Star GTG606 225mm


Gold Star GTG614 195mm


Generic GTG329 120mm


Generic GTG32 130mm


Generic GTG335 135mm


Generic GTG346 135mm


Generic GTG349 135mm


Generic GTG355 180mm


Generic GTG361 200mm


Generic GTG362 135mm


Generic GTG352 135mm


Generic 50mm Centre 8AR131 180mm


Generic 50mm Centre 8AR129 190mm


Figurine on Gold Cup with Handles AV510 235mm


Cup with 25mm Centre AV604 170mm


Cup with 25mm Centre AV704 200mm


Generic 50mm Centre DV308 100mm


Plaque DV703 175mm


Generic DV803 85mm


Generic Cup Shape 50mm Centre DV2203 145mm


Generic 36mm Centre NV305 100mm


Generic Star 36mm Centre NV308 150mm


Generic 50mm Centre RV1605 215mm


Comic Medal Man A890 120mm


Star Figurine D17-1810 190mm


Generic D17-1813 124mm


Stars Figurine D17-1904 185mm


Stars Figurine D17-1931 165mm


Stars Figurine D17-1934 175mm


Stars Figurine D17-1940 190mm


Stars Figurine D17-1943 165mm


Cards Crystal Pedestal UC97A 255mm


Cards Flame UR08A 170mm


Cards Glass Arch UA97A 160mm


Cards on Glass Tower UT97A 230mm


Plaque V4111 114mm


Generic V503 196mm


Generic V510 133mm


Star Generic V708 120mm


Generic V1007 214mm


Generic V1206 165mm


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