All prices include engraving and include generic trophy centre where applicable.
We can customise the centre with your logo etc.. additional charges will apply.


Netball Cone Series 767-8C 190mm


Netball Winner Series 772-8A 150mm


Netball Inspiration Series 598-8A 120mm


Netball Holy Star Series 587-8 110mm


Holy Star Generic 587GA 110mm


Netball Ribbon Wreath Series 593JA 155mm


Netball 3D Break Thru Series 595-8 120mm


Netball Little Star Series 765-8 130mm


Netball Flexee 750-8 145mm


Netball Little Champs Series 601S-8 125mm


Netball Figurine N17-1701 180mm


Netball Figurine N17-1703 190mm


Netball Figurine N17-1706 160mm


Netball Figurine Ribbon Stars N17-1805 240mm


Netball Figurine Ribbon Stars N17-1809 240mm


Netball Alpha Series N17-2001 96mm


Netball Alpha Series N17-2005 224mm


Netball Figurine N17-2201 160mm


Netball Figurine N17-2204 170mm


Netball Figurine N17-2208 175mm


Netball Angled Back Timber Figurine N17-24...


Netball Rectangle Back Timber Figurine N17...


Netball Double Triangle Wing Timber Figuri...


Netball Single Crescent Wing Timber Dual F...


Netball Horseshoe Timber Figurine N17-2501...


Netball Flame Timber Dual Figurines N17-25...


Netball Flame Timber Figurine N17-2601 230mm


Netball Single Triangle Wing Timber Figuri...


Netball Double Crescent Wing Timber Figuri...


Netball Arrow Backstand Timber N17-2701 280mm


Netball Wave Timber Figurine N17-2705 230mm


Netball Wave Timber Dual Figurines N17-27...


Netball Genix Series 21553A 150mm


Netball Nitro Series 35153A 130mm


Netball Alto Series 21453A 115mm


Netball Jewel Series RLC453A 120mm


Netball RLC53A 110mm


Netball Galaxy Series RFT053A 145mm


Netball Fuston Series JW3753A 135mm


Netball 14053A 80mm


Netball Raptor Series RL353 140mm


Netball Titan Series RFT153A 150mm


Netball RLC253A 135mm


Netball Volt Series JW7253A 155mm


Netball Spirit Series RL953A 130mm


Netball 13130A 145mm


Netball Storm Series RLC753A 155mm


Netball Blade Series JW7153A 115mm


Netball Blade Series JW3953A 135mm


Netball Victory Series FG3173 190mm


Netball Figurine NTG501 265mm


Netball Star NRG504 265mm


Netball NTG508 195mm


Netball Figurine NTG512 155mm


Netball Star Cup NTG516 235mm


Netball Star Tower NTG519 335mm


Netball NTG522 230mm


Netball NTG526 265mm


Netball Figurine NTG529 290mm


Netball NTG532 230mm


Netball NTG536 265mm


Netball Cup NTG539 305mm


Netball Figurine NTG543 270mm


Netball Star NTG546 280mm


Netball Gold Cup with Handles NTG549 160mm


Netball NTG553 165mm


Netball Stars FG306S/BK 155mm


Netball Stars NTG560 230mm


Netball Star NTG564 245mm


Netball Star NTG560 230mm


Netball Star NTG568 230mm


Netball Figurine NTG572 215mm


Netball Tower NTG576 370mm


Netball Star NTG580 275mm


Netball Star NTG584 235mm


Netball Star NTG588 195mm


Netball Figurine NTG591 220mm


Netball Stars NTG595 330mm


Netball Gold Tower NTG598 370mm


Netball SilverTower NTG605 370mm


Netball NTG609 240mm


Netball Figurine NTG613 275mm


Netball Figurine NTG616 290mm


Netball NTG619 230mm


Netball Stars NTG626 290mm


Netball NTG630 330mm


Netball NTG633 290mm


Netball Figurine Stars NTG637 280mm


Netball Stars NTG641 285mm


Netball Figurine Stars NTG645 280mm


Netball NTG648 300mm


Stars Cup RTG568 130mm


Generic RF8112A 125mm


Figurine on Stars GTG517 295mm


Generic GTG329 120mm


Generic GTG32 130mm


Generic GTG335 135mm


Generic GTG346 135mm


Generic GTG349 135mm


Generic GTG355 180mm


Generic GTG361 200mm


Generic GTG362 135mm


Generic GTG352 135mm


Umpire Whistle GEN81 120mm


Generic 50mm Centre 8AR131 180mm


Generic 50mm Centre 8AR129 190mm


Netball RFT9A 125mm


Netball RS9A 155mm


Netball GG9S 135mm


Netball TG9S 85x115mm


Figurine on Gold Cup with Handles AV510 235mm


Cup with 25mm Centre AV604 170mm


Cup with 25mm Centre AV704 200mm


Generic 50mm Centre DV308 100mm


Plaque DV703 175mm


Generic DV803 85mm


Generic Cup Shape 50mm Centre DV2203 145mm


Netball Figurine NETB608A 140mm


Netball NETB607B 150mm


Netball Cup NET606A 125mm


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