All prices include engraving and include generic trophy centre where applicable.
We can customise the centre with your logo etc.. additional charges will apply.


Netball AAR1066 190mm


Netball Diamond DM9S 120mm


Netball Figurine AAR1068 155mm


Netball Figurine RF9S 150mm


Netball AAR1073 145mm


Netball WS204 173mm


Netball WS208 125mm


Netball Figurine WS212 173mm


Netball WS215 115mm


Netball Figurine WS218 285mm


Netball WS305 213mm


Netball WS308 195mm


Netball WS319 255mm


Netball Perpetual WS316 315mm


Netball WS410 150mm


Netball Ball Spins WS413 172mm


Netball Figurine WS416 286mm


Netball Tower WS420 170mm


Netball WS503 180mm


Netball WS507 222mm


Netball WS511 205mm


Netball WS514 195mm


Netball WS616 173mm


Netball Figurines WS710 195mm


Netball WS819 126mm


Netball WS906 240mm


Netball WS909 270mm


Netball WS912 240mm


Netball WS919 180mm


Netball WS1007 222mm


Netball Figurine WS1010 285mm


Netball Spinning Ball WS1107 173mm


Netball WS1104 177mm


Netball WS1103 212mm


Netball Figurines WS1204 203mm


Netball Cup WS1303 130mm


Netball WS1306 100mm


General Cup S6001 160mm


Shell Cup S6004 125mm


Stars S6006 170mm


General 25mm Centre S6008 185mm


Netball Inspiration 598/8A 120mm


General 25mm Gold cup with Handles S6011 2...


Generic 25mm Centre TGS366 125mm


Netball DM9S 120mm


Netball RG9S 110mm


Spectrum Cup X6025 175mm


Spectrum Cup X6028 170mm


Netball Shazam 11691A 150mm


Netball Pinnacle 15091A 150mm


Netball Heroes 11791A 160mm


Netball Fame A1403AAA 155mm


Netball Superstar 25137A 130mm


Netball Ribbon Series 12237A 125mm


Netball Player 14191A 135mm


Netbal Plaque N6001 150mm


Netball Tomahawk N6002 200mm


Netball N6012 270mm


Netball Elevate N6015 280mm


Netball N6017 125mm


Netball Figurine N6020 160mm


Netball Figurine N6030 200mm


Netball Star N6033 260mm


Netball N6035 125mm


Netball N6037 145mm


Netball Stars N6041 215mm


Netball Rsing Star N6050 290mm


Netball N6054 150mm


Netball N6067 210mm


Netball N6069 215mm


Netball Figurine RFTA 125mm


Netball Net and Ball TG9S 85mm


Netball Figurine AAR2018 205mm


Netball Genix Series 21553A 150mm


Netball Nitro Series 35153A 130mm


Netball Alto Series 21453A 115mm


Netball Aspire Series 21053A 130mm


Netball RLC53A 110mm


Netball Storm Series RLC753A 155mm


Netball Fuston Series JW3753A 135mm


Netball Eclipse Series JW9553A 110mm


Netball Raptor Series RL353 140mm


Netball Titan Series RFT153A 150mm


Netball RLC253A 135mm


Netball Spirit Series RL953A 130mm


Netball JW953A 135mm


Netball Cobra Series 13130A 145mm


Netball 14053A 80mm


Netball Hex 16053A 105mm


Netball Figurine NTG204 190mm


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