All prices include engraving and include generic trophy centre where applicable.
We can customise the centre with your logo etc.. additional charges will apply.


Soccer Silhouette SIL1A 150mm


Soccer AAR1005 150mm


Soccer Diamond DM1A 120mm


Soccer Ball SBA1S 160mm


Soccer AAR1010 145mm


Soccer Scene AAR1011 150mm


Soccer Figurine AA1012 155mm


Soccer Figurine AAR1014 155mm


Soccer WS1910 99mm


Soccer WS1920 175mm


Soccer Figurines WS2218 210mm


Soccer Figurines WS2303 150mm


Soccer Figurines WS239 193mm


Soccer Figurines WS2312 143mm


Soccer WS2306 195mm


Soccer WS2317 213mm


Soccer WS2403 100mm


Soccer Figurine on Metal Ball WS2506 555mm


Tower Gold/Silver TGC061A 370mm


Tower Stars Silver/Black TGC062A 385mm


Cup TGC069A 230mm


Timber Figurine AAR1424 185mm


General Cup S6001 160mm


Shell Cup S6004 125mm


Stars S6006 170mm


General 25mm Centre S6008 185mm


General 25mm Gold cup with Handles S6011 2...


Generic 25mm Centre TGS366 125mm


Spectrum Cup X6025 175mm


Spectrum Cup X6028 170mm


Pinnacle Boot 15004A 150mm


Soccer Shield 13780 210mm


Soccer Golden Glove A1430C 220mm


Soccer Youth Male A1788B 160mm


Soccer Youth Female A1792B 160mm


Soccer Pinnacle Ball 15080A 150mm


Soccer Shazam 11638A 130mm


Soccer Epic Series 11280A 125mm


Soccer A1367C 470mm

[Contact us for a price]

Soccer Fame A1370AAA 155mm


Soccer Score Series 23538A 120mm


Soccer Raised Boot A943A 160mm


Soccer Sentinel Male Figurine A1289A 160mm


Soccer Sentinel Boot and Ball 21038B 130mm


Soccer Sentinel Female A1320A 160mm


Soccer Superstar Series 25138A 130mm


Soccer Boots and Ball 11038 90mm


Soccer Ball Crystal CN80 150mm


Soccer Crystal Hologram CH880S 130mm


Soccer Ribbon Series 12238A 125mm


Soccer Boot and Ball Crystal CB880 80mm


Soccer Hylux A1470A 170mm


Soccer Goalie Shield A372A 130mm


Soccer Ball Character A394A 130mm


Soccer Golden Boot Q671 150mm


Soccer Male Heroes 11780A 160mm


Soccer Female Heroes 11781A 160mm


Soccer Theme 12738S 110mm


Soccer Tri-Star 12438S 115mm


Soccer Tomahawk F6027 200mm


Soccer Apex Boot F6043 165mm


Soccer Theme F6050 140mm


Soccer Star F6056 270mm


Soccer Celebration F6062 175mm


Soccer Action Figurine F6066 145mm


Soccer Figurine Tomahawak F6070 200mm


Soccer Trident F6078 270mm


Soccer Figurine F6082 225mm


Soccer Figurine F6094 200mm


Soccer Figurine F6097 150mm


Soccer Red Arrow F6101 215mm


Soccer Magic F6104 270mm


Soccer Magic with Figurine F6107 270mm


Soccer Ball and Boot TG1S 85mm


Soccer Male Figurine RFT1A 125mm


Soccer Female Figurine RFT1J 125mm


Soccer Figurine on Tower AAR1511 235mm

[Contact us for a price]

Soccer Figurine AAR2054 210mm


Soccer Genix Series 21566A 150mm


Soccer Nitro Series Male Figurine 35166A 1...


Soccer Nitro Series Female Figurine 35167A...


Soccer Alto Series 21466A 115mm


Soccer Boot Tri Star Series 18066A 210mm2...


Soccer Male Figurine JW3966A 135mm


Soccer Female Figurine JW3967A 135mm


Soccer Figurine FTG201 200mm


Soccer FTG207 190mm


Soccer Figurine FTG211 215mm


Soccer Figurine FTG214 300mm


Soccer Figurine FTG217 185mm


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