All prices include engraving and include generic trophy centre where applicable.
We can customise the centre with your logo etc.. additional charges will apply.


Players Boot A177A 180mm


Whistle V Series 21441A 155mm


Soccer Ball Raised on Net 11080A 125mm


Soccer Hurricane 11604A 115mm


Warrior boot and Ball A1505A 185mm


Soccer V Series 21438AA 125mm


Soccer F4005 95mm


Soccer Cup Silver 23580A 165mm


Soccer 11004S 150mm


Soccer Swoosh 11438M 140mm


Soccer Boot A1305G 65mm


Raised Boot 21004A 100mm


Soccer Boot Silver A1305S 65mm


Raised Ball A1215A 170mm


Soccer Star 11538M 130mm


Soccer F4011 140mm


Soccer Figurine F4016 200mm


Soccer Theme F4019 135mm


Soccer Tower Silver/Blue F4024 300mm


Soccer F4028 210mm


Soccer Silver/Blue Bowl F4030 215mm


Soccer F4032 235mm


Soccer Figurine in Tower F4034 260mm


Soccer Star F4039 170mm


Soccer Carnival Cup F4036 165mm


Soccer Carnival Cup Bronze F4044 150mm


Soccer Carnival Cup Silver F4045 170mm


Soccer Carnival Cup Gold F4046 190mm


Soccer F4050 200mm


Soccer F4053 215mm


Soccer Figurine Raised F4059 240mm


Soccer Bowl Red/Gold F4061 195mm


Soccer Theme F4063 130mm


Soccer F4068 200mm


Soccer Spinning Ball F4071 145mm


Soccer Them Arrow Background F4075 215mm


Soccer Carnival Cup Green/Gold F4078 150mm


Soccer Theme F4081 230mm


Soccer Star F4083 175mm


Soccer Figurine on Gold Cup F4088 255mm


Soccer Carnival Cup F4091 175mm


Soccer Figurine F4094 110mm


Soccer Arrow Background F4098 215mm


Soccer Figurine F4101 170mm


Soccer Figurine with Column F4105 200mm


Soccer Figurine in Tower F4113 380mm


Soccer Gold/Silver Tower F4115 300mm


Players Boot Gold (Gold Plated) 734/9A 85mm


Football Raised Ball Platinum Series 730/9...


Football Figurine Coloured 3D Break Thru 7...


Football All Action Hero 742S/9MA 140mm


Football Raised Ball 736/9A 150mm


Football Figurine F14-0702 678mm


Football Mirrored Back F14-1401 200mm


Football Mirrored Back F14-1404 200mm


Football Mirrored Back F14-1604 200mm


Football Figurine Star F14-1701 239mm


Football Boot Ball Star F14-1704 194mm


Football Figurine F14-1707 145mm


Football F14-1908 83mm


Football F14-1911 165mm


Soccer Figurine F14-1914 152mm


Football Abstract F14-1918 182mm


Raised Boot and Ball F14-1922 190mm


Raised Ball F14-1926 150mm


Football Figurine F14-2001 142mm


Football Theme F14-2201 140mm


Football Abstract F14-2206 180mm


Raised Boot on Ball F14-2216 135mm


Football Figurine on Silver Cup with Handl...


Football Figurine F14-2801 230mm


Football Figurine F14-3101 230mm


Football Figurine F14-2101 157mm


Football Figurine F14-2106 152mm


Football Figurine F14-2115 152mm


Football Figurine on Tower F14-3508 469mm


Football Figurine on Silver Cup with Handl...


Soccer Plaque AAR500 150x100mm


Soccer AKH-S 180mm


Soccer Figurine RB1A 160mm


Soccer Theme KS1S 140mm


Raised Boot BOOT-S 155mm


Tool Award 160mm


Referee Whistle GEN81 120mm


Generic ART571 200mm


Football 14066B 100mm


Football 17066A 120mm


Football JW9566A 110mm


Football 16066A 105mm


Football JW7066A 130mm


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