Cups and Bowls

All prices include engraving and include generic trophy centre where applicable.

We can customise the centre with your logo etc.. additional charges will apply.

Please note: Due to the size of some of these cups we will ship unassembled, the required fitting will be shipped with the item.


Trophy Cup with Figurine Z035 225mm


Shooting Cup P3006 245mm


Gold Cup with Figurine and Handles P4903 3...


Silver with Handles Star on Top DMT643 225mm


Perpetual with Cup R5105 593mm


Mini Cup with Star Column S5068 165mm


Mini Cup X5049 95mm


Silver Cup with Handles NC01AS 150mm


Winchester Series Die Cast Gold Cup with H...


Cup with Handles Nickle Plated VT5 145mm


Claret Jug Nickle Plated C5033A 235mm


Silver Milano Service Cup with Handles W15...


Cup with Handles W15-0901 145mm


Cup with Handles W15-0907 140mm


Silver Bowl W15-0914 240mm


Silver Bowl W15-0917 135mm


World Globe W15-9026 270mm


Stipple Cup W15-0920 305mm


Roma Gold Cup with Handles W15-2805 410mm


Cup Silver with Handles and Lid W15-3307 4...


Gold Cup with Handles and Lid W15-4114 350mm


Star Series W15-4307 250mm


Stipple Cup with Handles W15-4326 145mm


Stipple Cup with Stars Lid W15-6307 275mm


Track Figurine Cup SS3710 320mm


Martial Arts Dual Figurines Cup X6101 370mm


Martial Arts Figurine on Top Gold Cup with...


Baseball / Softball on Mini Gold Cup S7071...


Carnival Cup X7016 350mm


Hollow Cup X7034 95mm


Gold Cup Falcon Series X7112 200mm


Sunray Cup X7118 170mm


Gold Cup A16-2807 160mm


Prestige Classic Italian Metal Cup Wave Si...


Prestige Classic Italian Metal Cup Silver ...


Prestige Classic Italian Metal Cup Deco Go...


Prestige Classic Italian Metal Cup Gold C7...


Prestige Classic Italian Metal Bowl Silver...


Prestige Classic Italian Metal Champion Cu...


Prestige Classic Italian Metal Vaso Cup Si...


Prestige Classic Italian Metal Bologna Cup...


Nickle Plated Silver Cup C7031 355mm


Nickle Plated Silver Cup C7034 160mm


Recognition Nickle Plated Silver Cup C7046...


Die Cast Metal Cup Silver C7051 155mm


Die Cast Metal Cup Gold C7054 170mm


Die Cast Metal Cup C7057 145mm


Die Cast Metal Cup C7060 125mm


Die Cast Metal Cup C7063 110mm


Die Cast Metal Cup C7066 135mm


Venus Cup C7072 210mm


Venezia Cup C7076 210mm


Guardian Cup C7080 210mm


Equity Cup C7086 235mm


Trident Cup C7091 270mm


Flame Cup C7096 250mm


Cup Blue Trident C7101 270mm


Blue Flame Cup C7106 220mm


Blue Venus Cup C7111 210mm


Blue Spire Cup C7115 240mm


Iron Mans Gold Cup C7121 290mm


Iron Mans Silver Cup C7126 280mm


Cup with Handles C7131 200mm


Cup with Handles C7137 235mm


Valiant Cup C7143 165mm


Emblem Cup C7147 235mm


Purple & Silver Trident Cup C7150 240mm


Insignia Cup C7153 250mm


Miami Cup C7156 325mm


Equity Cup C7159 245mm


Turin Cup C7163 200mm


Cortona Cup C7169 295mm


Red Venus Cup C7172 240mm


Shard Cup C7175 200mm


Eternal Cup C7182 180mm


Geneva Cup C7178 225mm


Dance Alpha Click Series Cup D17-1001 210mm


Dance Alpha Click Series Cup with Handles ...


Bella Cup with Handles D17-1201 135mm


Lazer Cone Cup D7-1401 300mm


Opulent Cup D17-3101 170mm


Opulent Cup D17-3101 170mm


Opulent Cup D17 3107 225mm


Opulent Disco Ball D17-3113 245mm


Festival Cup D19-2201 150mm


Alpha Click Connect Bowl D17-2201 210mm


Alpha Click Connect Cup with Handles D17-...


Pizzazz Cup Silver Trim D17-2001 240mm


Trumpet Cup Gold with Colour Trim D17-2101...


Cup with Handles Nickel Plated 1160A 150mm


Cup RTG590 170mm


Silver Cup with Handles RTG630 245mm


Cup with Decal DTG589 305mm


Gold Cup with Handles TGC074A 160mm


Cup with Handles Gold or Silver TGC138A 130mm


Gold Cup with Lid and Handles TGC158A 255mm


Cup Gold or Silver TGC113A 185mm


Cup Gold or Silver TGC116A 150mm


Bowl Gold or Silver Malibu Series TGC117A ...


Bowl Gold or Silver Impala Series TGC111A ...


Bowl Gold or Silver Sabre Series TGC105A 1...


Bowl Gold or Silver Aspen Series TGC102A 2...


Bowl Gold or Silver Alton Series TGC037A 2...


Bowl Gold or Silver Avio Series TGC100A 220mm


Bowl Gold or Silver Zest Series TGC035A 220mm


Bowl Gold or Silver Alpha Series TGC098A 2...


Bowl Gold or Silver Venus Series TGC096A 2...


Bowl Gold or Silver Enoque Series TGC072A ...


Bowl Gold or Silver Inspire Series TGC094A...


Bowl Gold or Silver Regal Series TGC068A 2...


Bowl Gold or Silver Volt Series TGC071A 270mm


Bowl Gold or Silver Sirius Series TGC154A...


Bowl Gold or Silver Vega Series TGC156A 2...


Bowl Gold or Silver Indi Series TGC150A 345mm


Bowl Gold or Silver Jazz Series TGC152A 260mm


Cup Gold or Silver Vega Series TGC010A 230mm


Bowl with Handles Gold or Silver Aries S...


Cup with Handles Gold or Silver Flare Seri...


Gold Cup with Handles 50mm Centre AV2503 2...


Gold Cup with Handles 25mm Centre AV2503 2...


Silver Cup with Decal TGS844 180mm


Silver Cup with StarsTGS861 130mm


Sunray Cup Series X8016 170mm


Sovereign Gold Cup with Handles C8011 180mm


The Moment Silver Cup with Handles C8015 1...


Fanstar Cup C8018 285mm


Universal Cup C8027 265mm


Zephyr Cup C8036 300mm


Oxford Cup with Handles C8063 125mm


Major Nickle Plated Cup with Handles


Major Nickle Plated Cup with Handles on Ma...


Golf Silver Cup A1898B 210mm


Cup Gold or Silver 25mm Centre 248G 125mm


All Star Prize 25mm Centre 31005A 120mm


Mini Cup with Neck Ribbon GM950G 105mm


Clear Jazz Cup with Handles C9001 135mm


Budget Gold Cup with Handles C9004 130mm


Figurine on Top of Cup with Handles Champi...


Nova Star Silver/Gold C9109 395mm


Galaxy Silver/Gold Cup C9112 385mm


Grand Wreath Gold/Blue Cup C9115 430mm


Silver Spectre Cup C9121 430mm


Endeavour Cup Gold or Silver with Handles ...


Blue Fan Cup C9258 235mm


Cup Plastic Silver or Gold TGC234A 130mm


Silver Cup FTG851 290mm


Gold or Silver Cup with Handles FTG888 180mm


Cup Plastic Silver or Gold With Handles FT...


Silver Cup FTG851 290mm [CLONE]


Silver Cup with Handles Cut out Stars Blue...


Cup Silver or Gold DTG726 350mm


Cup Tower Gold DTG848 305mm


Gold Cup with Handles RTG851 160mm


Bowl Silver FX1606 215mm


Dance Figurine DX608 321mm


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