Column / Post Trophies

All prices include engraving and include generic trophy centre where applicable.
We can customise the centre with your logo etc.. additional charges will apply.

Please note: Due to the size of some of these trophies we will ship unassembled, the required fitting will be shipped with the item.


Boxing column X2040 27cm


Karate 2 Post X2102 34cm


Motorsport 3 Post X2106 44cm


Motorsport 3 Post X2105 39cm


4 Post X2249 44cm


Karate Figurine GET409 665mm


Motorcross Figurine on Columns 2501 340mm


Dancing 3901 320mm


Dancing 4201 310mm


Perpetual P4402 630mm


Bodybuilding Column GTG368 630mm


Motorsports Column GTG377 615mm


Motorsports Column GTG383 595mm


4 Post with Figurine 8AT181501 510mm


3 Post with Figurine 8AT181504 516mm


3 Post with Figurine 8AT181505 590mm


Basketball TGS1099 495mm


Cricket TGS1102 425mm


Track TGS1105 565mm


Tennis TGS1108 560mm


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