All prices include engraving and include generic trophy centre where applicable.
We can customise the centre with your logo etc.. additional charges will apply.


Gymnastics Shield A383B 160mm


Torch and Rings X2076 16cm


Gymnastics Figurine X2081 20cm


Gymnastics RL350A 160mm


Gymnastics Star GS510A 105mm


Gymnastic Figurine GET394 205mm


Gymnastic Figurine GET396 265mm


Gymnastic GET399 200mm


Dance 18cm DF2059


Gymnastics Figurine Mirrored Sides W13-420...


Gym Figurine X4025 160mm


Raised Star D14-1207 150mm


Gymnastics Mirrored Backing W14-3201 200mm


Gymnastics Star W14-3401 150mm


Gymnastics Star W14-3410 732mm


Gymnastics Star W14-3407 170mm


Gymnastics Male Figurine GET656 175mm


Gymnastics Female Figurine GET659 215mm


Gymnastics Male Figurine X5261 160mm


Gymnastics Female Figurine X5261 160mm


Gymnastics Figurine GTG217 240mm


Gymnastics GTG301 215mm


Gymnastics 10A-CF20F 175mm


Star Bursts Gold or Silver X7028 175mm


Gold Stars Laurel Holder Series X7115 195mm


Flame Series A1825A 165mm


Figurine on Glass Tower X7357 290mm


Gymnastics Lynx X7360 150mm


Glass Jade Rectangle W511 160mm


Glass Rectangle W611S 150mm


Glass Jade Star W757S 135mm


Glass Peak W806A 180mm


Glass Black Wreath W879A 165mm


Gymnastics Lynx Medal LY914 63x75mm Gold Only


Gymnastics Galaxy Series RFT092A 145mm


Black Stars Gold or Silver FG306 155mm


Comic Medal Man A890 120mm


Gymnastics D17-1831 178mm


Generic 50mm Centre Torch Gold or Silver F...


Current Year Figurine on Marble 75mm


Clipped Oval Glass W780A 170mm


Glass Peak Award VGJ102A 200mm


5 Star X8111 140mm


Black Dazzle X8114 200mm


Star Blue Dazzle X8119 175mm


Cascade 3 Stars A1869A 165mm


Star Torch Silver FT295A 150mm


Gymnastic Glass Peak Award VGJ102A 200mm


Glass Shield W857 165mm


Sunray Cup Series DF8010 170mm


5 Stars DF8025 95mm


3 Star Gold Dazzle DF8098 175mm


Red Dazzle DF8103 175mm


Ribbon Green Dazzle DF8108 160mm


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