Martial Arts / Karate / Kick Boxing

All prices include engraving and include generic trophy centre where applicable.
We can customise the centre with your logo etc.. additional charges will apply.


Karate Figurine X209X 17cm


Karate Cup Dual Figurines X2099 38cm


Karate 2 Post X2102 34cm


Karate Figurine GET405 205mm


Karate Figurine GET407 270mm


Karate Figurine GET409 665mm


Karate Jacket RL346 140mm


Karate Figurine 3601 320mm


Karate Horseshoe Figurine 3410 320mm


Karate Figurine RA186 215mm


Rosewood Karate Figurine G379 190mm


Karate Dual Figurine RA1463 180mm


Karate Figurine 3301 270mm


Karate Figurine 3106 270mm


Karate Figurine 3506 149mm


Gold Cup with Figurine and Handles P4903 3...


Karate Figurine JW3946A 135mm


Mixed Martial Arts Hand RM146A 195mm


Mixed Martial Figurine RLT546A 195mm


Martial Arts Star Q2603 145mm


Martial Arts Figurine on Top of Silver Cup...


Martial Arts Figurine W14-4113 668mm


Fist 13990A 150mm


Karate GET637 135mm


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