All prices include engraving and include generic trophy centre where applicable.
We can customise the centre with your logo etc.. additional charges will apply.

Figurines can be changed to suit most sports.

Choose Your Figurine from here http://www.onlinetrophyshop.com/uploads/2/9/2/2/2922071/figurine_catalogue.pdf

Shields and Engraving Plates will supplied and not attached.

Please note: Due to the size of some of these trophies we will ship unassembled, the required fitting will be shipped with the item.


Timber Plaque Shield Plaque 817/3W 280mm


Perpetual Timber X2236 30cm


Perpetual Timber X2239 37cm


Perpetual Timber X2242 49cm


Perpetual Timber X2243 43cm


Perpetual Timber X2244 43cm


Perpetual Timber X2245 45cm


Perpetual Timber X2246 44cm


Perpetual Timber X2247 31cm


Perpetual Timber with Gold Plastic Cup X22...


4 Post X2249 44cm


Perpetual Timber X2250 31cm


Retangle Plaque GET443 290x330mm


Shield GTG444 295mm


Shield GTG442 200mm


Perpetual Wooden Shield 5703 440mm


Perpetual Wooden Shield 5701 340mm


Perpetual Wooden Rectangle 4701


Perpetual Wooden Rectangle with Figurine 4604


Perpetual Wooden Rectangle 4604


Perpetual Wooden Horseshoe 5708 440mm


Perpetual Wooden Columns 5709 290mm


Perpetual Golf 4702 410mm


Perpetual P4402 630mm


Perpetual with Cup / Figurine N13-2601 600mm


Perpetual Oval X4192 270mm


Perpetual with Figurine X4193 275mm


Mortorsport Helmet Perpetual W14-4706 355mm


Perpetual R5302 580mm


Perpetual R5202 455mm


Perpetual R5204 437mm


Perpetual with Cup R5105 593mm


Perpetual W5403 355mm


Perpetual Desktop/Wall Shield X5299 290mm


Basketball Perpetual W15-2506 600mm


Perpetual X6232 440mm


Perpetual X6248 375mm


Perpetual X6251 340mm


Perpetual with Cup A16-2609 850mm


Perpetual DW2603 405mm


Timber Plaque W17-7101 4W 340mm


Timber Plaque W17-7102 400mm


Timber Plaque W17-7103 440mm


Timber Plaque W17-7104 375mm


Perpetual Plaque V5101 250x200mm


Figurine on Cup Perpetual W5301 566mm


Figurine on Cup Perpetual W5302 521mm


Figurine on Cup Perpetual W5303 412mm


Figurine on Cup Perpetual W5404 537mm


Cup Perpetual W5405 433mm


Figurine on Perpetual W5503 372mm


Figurine on Cup Perpetual W5504 593mm


Figurine on Cup Perpetual W5506 516mm


Cup Perpetual with Figurines W5506 516mm


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