All prices include engraving and include generic trophy centre where applicable.
We can customise the centre with your logo etc.. additional charges will apply.

Shields are not attached they come with a peel n stick tape on the back. 


Timber Plaque Veneered LP4 150mm


Mini Timber Plaque LP231 80mm


Timber Plaque Black Veneered LP4K 150mm


Timber Veneered Plaque LP12 380mm


Timber Plaque Shield LS6 160mm


Timber Plaque Shield Plaque 817/3W 280mm


Rectangle Plaque GET414 125mm


Rectangle Glass Plaque GTG463 120mm


Retangle Plaque GET443 290x330mm


Shield GTG444 295mm


Shield GTG442 200mm


Plaque Slate Colour 200mm with Title


Plaque A13-3011 210mm


Plaque A13-3010 160mm


Plaque A13-3007 175mm


Mirrored Plaque XX46 150x100mm


Tennis TGS118 153x110mm


Metal Plaque with Cup 9935


Perpetual Desktop/Wall Shield X5299 290mm


Golf Plaque AAR1131 180x230mm


Glass Rectangle W611S 150mm


Timber Plaque W17-7101 4W 340mm


Timber Plaque W17-7102 400mm


Timber Plaque W17-7103 440mm


Timber Plaque W17-7104 375mm


Perpetual Plaque V5101 250x200mm


Slate Finish Timber Plaque V5104 200x150mm


Timber Plaque V5106 175x125mm


Timber Plaque V5109 175x125mm


Timber Plaque V5112 175x125mm


Timber Plaque V5201 194x136mm


Plaque TGS936 110 x 153 x 16mm


Plaque Star Woodgrain TGS941 110 x 153 x...


Plaque Star Black TGS941 110 x 153 x 16mm


Glass Plaque 5mm WP07A


Cricket Timber Plaque SAT191001 90x125mm


Wooden Spoon Plaque LPF502 175mm


Well Done Star Plaque LPF503 175mm


Coaches Award Star Plaque LPF501 175mm


Star Award Plaque LPF505 175mm


Plaque Wooden 25mm Centre LSC5 125mm


Dance Plaque X2203 175mm


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