All prices include engraving and include generic trophy centre where applicable.
We can customise the centre with your logo etc.. additional charges will apply.


Soccer FV1403 213mm


Soccer FV1409 170mm


Soccer FV1412 260mm


Soccer FV1503 195mm


Soccer FV1506 146mm


Soccer FV1509 203mm


Soccer FV1607 146mm


Soccer Figurine on Tower FV1610 250mm


Soccer FV1704 173mm


Soccer FV1804 173mm


Soccer FV1808 150mm


Soccer FV1811 275mm


Soccer FV1903 195mm


Soccer Boot and Ball on Gold Cup with Hand...


Soccer Figurine FV1909 195mm


Soccer Figurine on Tower FV2106 260mm


Soccer FV2110 205mm


Soccer FV2404 145mm


Soccer FV2503 200mm


Soccer FV2604 145mm


Soccer FV2706 213mm


Soccer Figurine FV2709 220mm


Soccer Figurine on Soccer Ball FV3003 555mm


Generic 36mm Centre NV305 100mm


Generic Star 36mm Centre NV308 150mm


Generic 50mm Centre RV1605 215mm


Soccer Scene GG1S 35mm


Soccer KS1S 140mm


Soccer DM1S 120mm


Soccer Comic NR1 170mm


Junior Soccer Figurine 1AR08 150mm


Comic Medal Man A890 120mm


Coach Award JW1904B 155mm


Generic D17-1813 124mm


Stars Figurine D17-1940 190mm


Stars Figurine D17-1943 165mm


Soccer Flame UR80A 170mm


Soccer Crystal Pedestal UC80A 240mm


Soccer Glass Arch UA80A 160mm


Soccer on Glass Tower UT80A 230mm


Plaque V4111 114mm


Generic V503 196mm


Generic V510 133mm


Star Generic V708 120mm


Generic V1007 214mm


Generic V1206 165mm


Generic Figurine on Column S8067 130mm


Figurine on Doric Column S8073 190mm


Figurine on Riser S8076 280mm


Generic Holder 25mm Centre S8105 170mm


Generic 50mm Centre Torch Gold or Silver T...


Generic 50mm Centre Torch Gold or Silver F...


Generic Centre RHS106 165mm


Generic Centre RL510A 110mm


Generic Centre Star RL910A 130mm


Generic Centre Galaxy Star Series RFT050A ...


Figurine on Tower TGS706 290mm


Generic Centre TGS709 230mm


Mini Gold Cup with Centre TGS713 175mm


Generic Centre TGS716 270mm


Generic Centre on Tower TGS738 335mm


Figurine on Tower Red/Gold TGS770 335mm


Figurine on Column TGS779 210mm


Star on Tower TGS787 260mm


Generic Centre on Column TGS790 195mm


Figurine on Tower Red/Silver TGS820 235mm


Silver Star on column TGS823 245mm


Silver Star on Column TGS827 275mm


Black Silver with Decal TGS847 225mm


Figurine on Tower Blue/Silver TGS851 285mm


Stars with Centre Decal TGS881 135mm


Generic Ribbon with Stars TGS885 165mm


Gold Star TGS889 195mm


Generic Centre Cup SV2003 243mm

[Contact us for a price]

MVP Figuirne 95mm


MVP Figuirne 130mm


Soccer Ball Weighted Plastic BF666A 250mm


Soccer Ball 41867A 20mm


Soccer Ball 41867A 20mm [CLONE]


Soccer Figurine JW7666A 150mm


Soccer Figurine JW7766A 125mm


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